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Minimalistic Design Is All About Quality Over Quantity

Minimalist design is all about quality over quantity — and thus focuses on functionality. Because the focus is on having only what is necessary, minimalist designs must be timeless and built to last.

BOMSHBEE seeks to celebrate the everyday, simple moments. We believe that tableware is part of the home, meant to be enjoyed for many years on a daily basis. All products serve an important function, and shapes are meant to aide ease of use, while designs are classic and elegant.

BOMSHBEE’s angle bell glasses embody the minimalist ideals of functionality and timeless design. The glasses come in two sizes, highball and DOF, and two colors, classic clear and smoke. The shape of each handmade glass renders it easy to hold and looks in place on any table setting. Those who appreciate minimalism will enjoy having these useful additions to their tableware collections. 

Minimalism and Instagram photography go hand-in-hand with tableware that has the ability to enhance an image without diverting attention from the topic of interest — the food. BOMSHBEE products’ simple shapes, clean lines and one-dimensional colors fit the bill. 

The tinge clay dinnerware from BOMSHBEE is ideal for presenting meals through images online. These sets come in simple light and dark tones. Solid ash grey and charcoal sets are available, and two-toned sets come in white and grey. The two-toned sets are perfect for anyone who prefers simple style with an accent for some visual zest. 


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