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Our designer, Emily Fan bringing one home for the team!

Sharing with you our latest achievement! Presenting BOMSHBEE’s first ever award: The Hong Kong Smart Design Award (Silver Corporate). The product that took home the award this year is our “Silo Salt and Pepper Shakers“. One of our most loved and best-selling products had finally received the recognition it deserves!  We couldn’t have done it without our team at BOMSHBEE.

A special shout out to Emily Fan, our designer. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University where she earned her Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in product design. Last week, we sat down with Emily to learn a little more.

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What is the best part about your job?

The best part of my job the opportunity to connect with people. Everyone here is friendly, energetic and humble! There is no better than working with a group of people who shares the same passion while working towards the same goal.

Why did you decide to make design your career?

Because it’s cool! It is a process which involves a lot of problem solving and experimentation. Not to mention, embracing failure is also a part of it. It is all about understanding and learning about humans in their behavior and coming up with a solution that could ease their day-to-day. Adding a little fun and joy of course!

How do you define a good design?

A good design should be timeless, also achieving more with less. This is all reflected in the work I put into BOMSHBEE; through forms, color, and shades I use in my designs.

What experience do you want to create for BOMSHBEE customers?

Home is our sanctuary. A place that gives us a sense of belonging and where we can feel safe. In the fast-changing world we live in today, our minds are bombarded with all kinds of information and stimulus. Through BOMSHBEE’s products, I hope to help customers create an environment where they feel relaxed, cozy and a home that truly reflects their personality. Most importantly, to be unique.

What does BOMSHBEE mean to you?

Like our motto, BOMSHBEE helps people to be reminded to enjoy life’s simple moments. Here, I found mine. Don’t forget to enjoy the little things!

Lastly, what is your favorite BOMSHBEE product?

Of course, the Silo Salt & Pepper Shakers!


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